II Energy Symposium, 28.03.2014

IMG 2107Public conference named II Energy Syposium was organized od 28th of March 2014 in Leśny Dworek Restaurant in Gorlice from 10.00 am to 14.00 pm. Among 25 participant there were representatives of 6 municipalities (Biecz, Dębica, Gorlice, Lubin, Łużna, Ropa), Administrative District of Gorlice, Local Support Group members, The Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités”, AGH University of Science and Technology, headmaster of Schools Complex nr nr 1, private companies: BaSz – consulting company, AMT Project.

Viceprefect of Gorlice, Karol Górski, initiated the meeting and welcomed all the participants

2. Karol Górski Wicestarosta Powiatu GorlickiegoThe first speech by Daniel Markowicz from Administrative District of Gorlice was about main activities, resultst, approaches and technologies used for the pilot investment implementation, introduction to the Energy Efficiency Plan and further steps in realization of VIS NOVA. He also mentioned study visit in Szekszard, Hungary and visiting ethanol manufactury and pilot investment.

Jarosław Kotyza from AGH Univeristy of Science and Technology, was talking about Prosumer Economy and advantages of heatpumps. Participants discussed problems with microinstalations and unclear status of RES law in Poland, people are reluctant to invest without external subsidy.

Marcin Łojek , from the Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités”, was talking about new perspective of financing, HORIZON 2020. Procedures of application and getting funds shall be easier. This speech was interesting for representatives of local authorities, who are constantly seeking grants for RES and EE projects.

IMG 2132Forth presentation was made by Marcina Turonia from AMT Project, who is responsible for Energy Management System in School Complex nr 1 in Gorlice. He showed how the digital system works. Energy consumption and temperature in school is monitored, and students of RES can observe and use special simulator for various parameters to check their influence on the situation in school building. Headmaster has an ability to remotely change buildings parameters, like temperature in the school. In 2006 heating complex were changed in school and because of that 40% of energy was saved. 

IMG 2124The last presentation was made on Energy Efficiency Plan for Administrative District of Gorlice. It was prepared by Bartosz Szymusik and dr Ziemowit Pochitonow form consulting company “BaSz”. At the beginning they presented the difference between EEP and Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). The three main differences are: obligatory level of energy efficiency that should be achieved, time for implementation and monitoring institution. Energy efficiency Plan should be monitored by Energy Competence Centre. Participants of the Energy Symposium were discussing about most suitable location for the Centre and its crucial mission. School Complex nr 1 in Gorlice, headquarter of Administrative District in Gorlice and Entrepreneurship Center are ideas made by BaSz company. In any case, center should educate people, promote RES and EE technologies and monitor EEP. 

At the very end, Marcin Łojek from PNEC invited al the participants for the final Conference of VIS NOVA, which will take place on 3rd of June 2014 in Cracow. 

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