„Participation in REU and RES initiatives implemented by the PNEC Association is a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency in the municipality and to complete projects in a faster and better way. This results in more savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. Climate and environment protection are the measures of our civilization development, therefore it is worth acting together.”

Zbigniew Michniowski
Deputy Major of Bielsko-Biała



 „...Being a member of PNEC Association Cieszyn have learnt how to save energy and have been using this knowledge in investments such as: energy efficient reconstruction of street lighting, retrofitting of public buildings, first attempts of using solar energy in Cieszyn…”

Bogdan Ficek
Major of Cieszyn



„...Our contacts with the PNEC Association resulted in reconstruction of street lighting and city heating system in Dzierżoniów. (…) Owing to our co-operation and PNEC international contacts we have also started monitoring energy consumption in education buildings and can exchange our experience with European partners..”

Marek Piorun
Major of Dzierżoniów



 „...Thanks to the training  organised by the PNEC Association Nowa Dęba  municipality is now more interested in the possibilities of RES use. Therefore the 8 MW biomass boiler house was built and the inhabitants benefit from low prices of supplied energy ...”

Wiesław Ordon
Major of Nowa Dęba



„...The costs of joining the PNEC Association are rather symbolic but the benefits can be huge….We gain access to a wide source of information on financing energy investments. Moreover the city has the possibility to create a cohesive local energy policy for the first time in its history. Being involved in the international project MODEL, coordinated in Poland by PNEC, Gorlice municipality is planning to employ an energy manager fulfilling a function of a main city power engineer ...”

Janusz Fugiel
Deputy Major of Gorlice