Logo EnergyMeasuresThe aim of the project is to improve the energy efficiency of households at risk of energy poverty by raising the energy awareness of the inhabitants, changing their habits and applying low-cost energy saving measures. The implementation of the energy advisory programme ENERGIA NA MIARĘ within EnergyMeasures project will allow selected households to obtain an individual assessment of their current situation and expert advice, and as a result to reduce their energy consumption and costs by implementing specific solutions. Project activities will also help to improve local policies, facilitate the diagnosis of energy poverty and contribute to improving the well-being of residents and - by reducing energy consumption - to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Identification of key indicators, methods and tools to identify households at risk of energy poverty
  • development and launch of an energy advisory programme for households
  • defining low-cost measures for reducing energy consumption in individual households
  • creation of an advisory team, including experts and practitioners in this field, that will support the definition of the needs and problems of the target group and the implementation of the project activities
  • organization of training workshops on energy poverty for all stakeholders interested in the subject
  • collection of best practices in the field of direct support to households threatened or affected by energy poverty
  • evaluation of the legal status and the impact of public administration on energy poverty alleviation
  • development of a guide on how to change energy consumption habits
  • seting up an interactive website and a YouTube channel as a resource for municipalities and organisations interested in tackling energy poverty and developing strategies to support households at risk

Duration: September 2020 – March 2024

Coordinator: University of Cork

Polish partner: Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités"

Countries of implementation: Ireland, France, Germany, North Macedonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, United Kingdom

Funding: Horizon 2020

Project website: https://energymeasures.eu/