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Project aims to help Coordinators and Supporters (C&S) of the Covenant of Mayors in assisting their small and medium-sized municipalities in SEAPs implementation and monitoring by offering them targeted trainings, tutoring and coaching schemes. A tailor-made twinning programme on strategies for evaluation of SEAPs, including methodologies for implementation, information on financial opportunities, and how to improve communication and support with municipalities, will be held for C&S.

A wide selection of tools will also be made available on the project website. 

In addition, national trainings for C&S will take place in Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Spain. Selected C&S can benefit by participating in an international coaching and peer-review schemes with partners in the consortium. Priority will be given to C&S currently supporting implementation and monitoring SEAPs outside of the above target countries.

Objectives and main steps:

Building the capacity of Covenant of Mayors Coordinators and Supporters (C&S) in assisting cities for the implementation and monitoring of the action of their SEAPs will be achieved by spreading the best existing experiences and tools available to C&S themselves through training and tutoring activities. C&S, in turn, will build capacity of municipalities through training, coaching and peer-to-peer grouping. The approach is not just theoretical and extensive fieldwork for actual implementation and monitoring of actions is provided.

Expected impacts:

  • Training, tutoring and coaching schemes activated
  • 24 C&S tutored for SEAP implementation and monitoring and many more involved in training activities;
  • 40 municipalities coached, trained and suppported for SEAP implementation and monitoring
  • 120 SEAP action implemented within the project;
  • 277 773 554 € spent in total for energy investments;
  • increase in the production of energy from renewable sources by 2 469 toe/year;
  • reducing consumption of primary energy by 3 701 toe/year;
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 29 563 t CO2e/year.

Project duration: 1 March 2014 – 28 February 2017 (36 months)

Co-financing: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme

Project participants:

An experienced consortium of 9 partners from 7 EU countries:

  1. Province of Genova (Coordinator) - www.provincia.genova.it
  2. Province of Barcelona - www.diba.cat
  3. CRES - www.cres.gr
  4. City of Zagreb - www.zagreb.hr
  5. PNEC - www.pnec.org.pl
  6. VENETO Region - www.regione.veneto.it
  7. SOGESCA - www.sogesca.it
  8. INTERLEUVEN  - www.interleuven.be
  9. ICLEI Europe - www.iclei-europe.org

Project beneficiaries:

  • Local Authorities, Covenant of Mayors signatories having SEAP developed and accepted
  • Covenant Coordinators and Covenant Supporters, local and Regional Energy Agencies and other technical structures that work with LAs in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors
  • Key actors involved at local level in the development, implementation and monitoring of EnMS+SEAPs in Local Authorities (utilities, financial institutions, NGOs, trade associations, etc.)
  • Actors directly involved in the certification process of the EnMS at local level according to ISO50001 (certification and accreditation bodies)


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