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The aim of the project is to support municipalities in their energy transition towards net-zero GHG emissions by providing a systematic approach to the development, implementation and monitoring of local Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). The approach will build on the three important tools:

  1. energy management systems (EnMS) concept according to ISO 50001 standard,
  2. climate adaptation in municipalities concept according to ISO 14092 standard,
  3. innovative engagement approaches (Design Thinking methodology).

The project will help to institutionalise integrated energy and climate planning in municipalities by establishing clear governance structures, ensuring strong political commitment and promoting holistic approach to planning and sector integration. The project also aims to support integration of climate issues into municipal budgets.

The activities foreseen within the project include:

  • Supporting EU municipalities in the development, upgrade and monitoring of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs), which are an important step towards reaching climate neutrality by 2050 and include measures in the 3 important areas: climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation and fight against the energy poverty.
  • Supporting EU municipalities in the implementation of the SECAPs by:
    • institutionalising integrated energy planning,
    • implementation and certification of energy management systems (EnMS) and expanding the systems with the procedures concerning climate adaptation,
    • digitalization of energy and climate monitoring through the use of a user-friendly ICT Energy Monitoring Platform for reliable data collection,
    • creating clear governance structures to implement the SECAPs,
    • organising different capacity building and peer-to-peer (P2P) activities, including tailored-made assistance, discussion platforms for policy makers and public officers, replication and best practices,
    • supporting implementation of selected sustainable energy and climate actions.
  • Supporting EU municipalities in including climate actions in municipal budgets and tracking the dedicated funds.

 Planned project outcomes:

  • Strengthening competences and capacities of local self-governments to plan, implement and monitor energy and climate actions.
  • Strengthening competences and capacities of local self-governments to efficiently manage energy consumption.
  • Introduction of new approaches towards the systematic development and implementation of actions foreseen in SECAPs.
  • Ensuring long-term political commitment and adequate procedures and resources supporting municipality’s strive towards climate neutrality;
  • Strengthening intra- and intersectoral collaboration (among respective departments, with relevant stakeholders and other local self-governments).

Project events:


Project partners:

The coordinator of the project is the Latvian organisation Ekodoma. The Polish partner is the Association of Municipalities Polish Network  „Energie Cités”. In total, the project involves 11 partners from 11 EU countries.

Implementation period: 1 September 2022 – 31 August 2025



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