The RES Champions League, renewable energy competition for European cities, towns and villages has officially been opened  on 23th of April in Brussels. The event was part of the conference "3x20 PLAY THE GAME!" organized by Climate Alliance and Energie-Cités.


Every city, town and village can join the RES Champions League. Participation is free and just one click away. Two kinds of installations are eligible for the competition: solar (photovoltaic and thermal) and biomass (heat production using wood or straw).

How is the ranking established?

It is based on installed power (or area) per inhabitant. In addition to the general ranking, in which all cities, towns and villages compete, three divisions have been established upon the number of inhabitants:

  • Small cities and towns (from 5 000 to 19 999 inhabitants);
  • Medium cities and towns (from 20 000 to 99 999 inhabitants);
  • Large cities and towns (from 100 000 inhabitants).

How to join the competition?

Cities, towns and villages have to register to a national RES league in order to participate in the RES Champions League. National Leagues have already been established in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary and Poland.  The European RES Champions League is open to more national RES leagues!

Different players can engage their city, town or village in the competition: elected representatives and technical staff of municipalities, renewable energy producers and installers, energy agencies, NGOs and even individuals!

Why to participate?

In order for cities, towns and villages to compare their efforts and achievements with others at local, regional, national and European levels – Just for fun! 
Objectives of the RES Champions League also include: 

  • To foster investment in renewable energy on the territory of cities, towns and villages.
  • To create or strengthen a local dynamic towards a sustainable use of energy.

Visit the RES Champions League website:

Polish RES League, coordinated by the Association of Municipalities Polish Network Energie Cités, exists since March 2009 and is open to new participants. All the cities, towns and villages that use solar energy or biomass are welcome to register on the website:

We will also welcome solar and biomass installers as project partners.

Contact person:

Iwona Korohoda, Tel. +48 12 429 17 95; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.