The comic book is a beautifully illustrated novel for young adults for whom issues of climate change and adapting its consequences really matter.

The Climate Change Challenge comic book is a result of two years of work by the team behind the EUKI project BEACON. The aim of the BEACON project (Bridging European and Local Climate Action) is to promote climate action and facilitate an exchange between national governments as well as municipalities and schools in Europe. It is financed by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and there are 7 European countries involved in its implementation.

We would like to invite you to Sofia’s world who sets off on a journey across Europe with her brother Gabriel. Their story was created and brought to life by a Portuguese trio - an author Bruno Pinto, an illustrator Quico Nogueira and a colourist Nuno Duarte. The story is based on real-life experiences.

The comic book tells the story of Sofia and Gabriel’s train journey across Europe. On this trip Sofia is determined to find some information and ideas for a game related to the issue of climate change she is working on. Her brother Gabriel is the best companion she could think of as he enjoys travelling and exploring. They visit different countries, have a chance to see a variety of landscapes, and most importantly – people who tell them how their communities work together to tackle climate change. They visit Paris to find out more about energy efficiency, they hear stories about forest fires in Greece and Portugal, draughts and water scarcity in central Europe. They also learn about energy consumption lessons in Romanian schools, as well as about the integration of renewable energy sources in Germany and Portugal. Thanks to the stories of the people they meet on their trip, both travellers realise that climate change is a complex problem and that it takes everyone – individuals, communities and cities to come together and work on tackling it. This is when Sofia comes to a conclusion that her game needs to be about cooperation, not necessarily about competition.

The authors of the CCC comic book seek to convey the spirit of European collaboration and exchange on climate change not only to school children, but also to adults. They hope this story will encourage readers to learn more about the situation in other European countries regarding climate action efforts and in this way they will play a role in the transition to a climate neutral world.

The book is now available in German and English which you can find here: The Polish version will be ready soon!