On 29th of October 2012 Primary School no 13 in Bielsko-Biała was visited by BBC Scotland, who was interested in its participation in the EURONET 50/50 energy-saving project coordinated by our Association. In the movie prepared by BBC children and youths from Great Britain will see how pupils from Bielsko-Biała save energy. The school managed to achieve huge electricity, natural gas and water savings with minimal investments. It had best results among all Polish schools participating in the EURONET 50/50 project.

Mrs. Izabela Laszczak, director of the Primary School No 13, explained that within the project duration there was no major modernization of the school building or its installations. The savings were achieved only thanks to the great engagement of teachers, children and their parents. During two years of the implementation of the 50/50 methodology behaviours of the school community were successfully changed. Its members switch off the lights when possible (e.g. on the corridors during classes), air classrooms for a short time, make sure that the temperature in the rooms is right and that the taps are not dripping. The pupils created so called “Energy Patrol”, whose members check the classrooms after the breaks making sure that the resources are not wasted. They turn off unnecessary lights and dripping taps, write down the readings from energy and water meters n a special workbook and calculate the savings. These good habits children brought to their homes. “We received such information at the meetings with parents” – says the director.

The results of these activities are impressive. In the first year of the project implementation the Primary School no 13 in Bielsko-Biała managed to reduce its energy consumption by 7.5%, and in the second year – by 9%. After converting this values into money, the school saved more than 26.650 PLN (approx. 6.600 EUR) in the first year and more than 31.000 PLN (approx. 7.700 EUR) in the second year. The idea behind the project is that half of the saved money is paid back to school by the municipality who finances its energy bills. The school in Bielsko-Biała used this money to buy some modern teaching tools and finance trips for pupils.

"We are impressed, although in Scottish schools such actions are not extraordinary," - says Folko Boermans from BBC Scotland. Material from Bielsko-Biała will be a part of the documentary about Poland. In the UK there live a lot of Poles. That is why BBC is working on a movie for children and youths which will familiarize them with this country. "They go to school with the Poles or live in their neighborhood but they have little knowledge about them and their country. When Scottish students will watch it, they will say: it just like in our country!" - says Boermans. In Scotland, 50% of energy is produced from renewable sources.

Based on the article: Scots admire savings achieved by Bielsko-Biała’s citizens! 29/10/2012. Author: Magda Fritz, www.radiobielsko.pl