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We would like to invite you to an international conference entitled “Development of innovative energy – building energy security of cities and municipalities”, which is organised jointly by the Municipality of Bielsko-Biała, the Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités”, the Association of Polish Cities and the Silesian Union of Municipalities and Districts. The conference will take place on 12th and 13th of September 2011 in Bielsko-Biała. We are pleased to inform that this interesting event received patronage of Polish Presidency in the EU Council, as well as the patronage of the President of European Parliament, prof. Jerzy Buzek.

The conference will be devoted to the vision of energy future of our cities, focusing on issues like: reduction of the cities’ impact on climate, improvement of energy security of local communities and improvement of the quality of life of citizens. It will bring together representatives of self-governments of different levels and representatives of companies active in the field of energy production, distribution and management. Simultaneously with the conference, the city of Bielsko-Biała will hold an International Energy Fair ENERGETAB, which will gather over 600 exhibitors from throughout the world. 

Programme assumptions:


Photo 1. City Hall in Bielsko-Biała

During the first day of the conference plenary session will be held. Its aim will be to outline the vision of energy future of our cities conditioned by the rules of sustainable energy development and European and national legislation. Participants will be also given an opportunity to learn about most interesting solutions in the field of energy planning and management implemented by pioneer European cities.


Second day of the conference will be divided into 5 working panels, which will take place in 5 different locations in Bielsko-Biała. The panels will be devoted to following issues:

  • Panel I - use of information technologies in urban management, presentation of best practices in the field of energy management in cities;
  • Panel II - innovative technologies for energy acquisition used in cities (including RES technologies and technologies for energy utilization of waste);
  • Panel III – cities’ engagement in the implementation of the EU climate and energy policy and the EC’s initiative entitled “the Covenant of Mayors”; following cities will share their experiences in this field: Paris, Helsinki, Heidelberg, Bielsko-Biała and Warsaw;
  • Panel IV - cooperation between local self-governments and energy utilities; this panel will take place at the area of ENERGETAB Fair, which will give the participants an opportunity to visit the fair and see presented exhibitions;  
  • Panel V – educational and promotional projects focused on climate protection and encouraging local communities to save energy.

After the panels summary session will be held in the City Hall.

It is our hope that the conference will result in the development of common position of self-governments concerning necessity to ensure energy security of cities and municipalities, as well as in adoption of common declaration associated with the need to increase activities in the field of energy efficiency of cities and to mobilise the necessary support mechanisms for climate protection programmes.

Notice: for ordinary members of the Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités” participation is free if they register until 5th of September 2011!!!

Once again we would like to invite you to take part in this important and interesting event!


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More information may be found at: www.konferencjanowaenergia.pl



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