Structural Funds 2007-2013, Ms Marie Defrance, WelcomeEurope

 European Commission, Member States, Managing Authorities: Who does what in the Structural Funds policy implementation. Interreg IV C basics, Ms Simona Pohlova, DG Regio

 Activities of the DG TREN in the domain of the renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, Mr Sylvain de Royer, DG TREN

 Marketing activites of the network of municipalities - Healthy Cities Czech Republic, Antonin Tym (Healthy Cities,CZ)

 Monitoring the services of Healthy Cities Czech Republic, Pavel Herot (MediaCon, CZ)

 Marketing activities towards municipalities, Maartje Op de Coul (SenterNovem, NL)

 Marketing view of sustainable development, Francis da Silva (Saint-Gobain Isover, FR)

 Multicomfort house - practical example of marketing activities, Robert Schild (Saint-Gobain Isover, FR)

 The Help Desk, Kirklees (UK)
For further information, please, contact: Tony Balaam, Principal Energy Engineer

 Energy Management Bureau Service/Help Desk, Leicester (UK)

 Local Authority Energy Financing (LAEF) Scheme, Leicester (UK)
For further information, please, contact: Prakash Patel or Stewart Conway

 Capacity building for designing projects dealing with sustainable energy under the Structural Funds’ programmes, Lithuanian Energy Institute

 The European Structural Funds-practical issues, Welcomeurope

 The Structural Funds 2007-2013

 Presentation of Energy Agency Zoetermeer, Harry Meerwijk

 Alpheo, Clermont-Ferrand Local Energy Agency, Sébastien Contamine

 Experiences of the Jagielonian University in implementation of IROP-cofunded projects

 Presentation of a real call for proposals from the point of view of the managing authority, Marshall’s Office in Malopolska, Poland

 Review of Structural Funds in Poland, Polish Network Energie-Cités

 Structural Funds in Slovak Republic, Slovak Energy Agency

 The RUSE project and its activities for partners and municipalities, South Bohemian Region

 Review of Structural Funds in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Lithuanian Energy Institute

 Structural Funds in the New Member States, Victor de Fonseca