logo EYES EnglishThe aim of the project is to increase the involvement of young people (18-28 years) in the city's activities for climate protection and adaptation to climate change. As part of the project, a Cieszyn’s Youth Climate Council was established, bringing together young people and develop their ambition and competence in the area of local climate planning. The Council's work is supported by an Expert Team consisting of key local specialists and stakeholders.

The main goals/tasks of the Cieszyn’s Youth Climate Council are:

  • mobilization of young city residents,
  • preparing them for active participation in social life,
  • increasing their knowledge in the field of energy management, air protection, climate protection and adaptation to climate change, (→ cycle of trainings and workshops),
  • increase of their knowledge on the activities undertaken locally in the abovementioned areas, (→ meetings, study visits),
  • identification of the most important challenges related to climate and energy that the city faces, (→ research project),
  • proposing solutions/actions to meet the abovementioned challenges, including initiating your own project (→ pilot project)
  • preparation of recommendations that will help local decision-makers in planning further actions supporting the sustainable development of the city and involving young citizens in this process (→ set of recommendations)

Implementation period: February 2019 – January 2021

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Spain

Participating cities: Warna (BG) Sønderborg (DK), Lyon (FR), Granollers (ES), Cieszyn (PL), Neapol (IT)

Financing: ERASMUS +

Project website:  https://www.projecteyes.pl/



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