Photo 1. Citizens interested in the project

The Intelligent Energy Day organized in Miękisz Stary (Laszki municipality) on 26th of September 2012 was joined with annual municipal Harvest Festival and therefore met with great interest of local community. The importance of the event was raised by the presence of the Mayor of Laszki, Adam Grenda, and his coworkers.

The event was organized within the “Energy for Mayors” and the “Appetite for climate” projects. The exhibition stand was placed near the main stage where the performances and presentations were delivered from. Roll-ups presenting the achievements and activities of the “Covenant of Mayors” signatories were displayed near the stand with the banner presenting Laszki in the very centre. This exhibition entitled “Good Energy” gathered a huge audience and the inhabitants seemed to be really proud of their municipality.

Photo 2. The exhibition of the projects “Energy for Mayors” and "Appetite for climate"

As a preparation for Energy Day at the end of June, before the end of school semester, there was an art contest “Energy saving and energy efficiency” organized in all schools in Laszki municipality. Children created colorful posters to present their own ideas on eco-friendly behaviors. They also prepared RES models and a lot of posters promoting energy efficiency and environmental protection. All students participating in the competition were awarded – they received key-rings - solar flashlights, puzzles and board games referring to the environment and climate protection.

The inhabitants of Laszki municipality showed a real interest in the details of the “Energy for Mayors” and “Apetite for climate” projects. They inquired about the achievements of Laszki, benefits coming from its participation in the projects and the international context of performed activities. Many citizens asked about the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan in Laszki. Moreover, there appeared some questions concerning activities of The Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités” (PNEC) and its other international projects. People were also sharing their experiences in energy saving at homes and workplaces.

The Intelligent Energy Day in Laszki municipality proved to be a successful event due to the interesting, entertaining and diversified programme, as well as numerous attractions for the people of all ages.

Photo 3. Children receive their awards

Photo 4. Adam Grenda, Mayor of Laszki, and representatives of PNEC