On the 7th of December 2009 Municipal Intelligent Energy Day was organized in Raciechowice. The event took place in the Municipal School Complex no1. It was organized together by the municipal administration and the Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités" within the framework of a project MODEL (Management Of Domains related to Energy in Local authorities”.

During the event teachers and students from classes 1-5 watched entertaining cartoons on energy efficiency and environmental protection. Students, divided into three age groups, eagerly participated in the drawing contest and a quiz which checked their knowledge on energy use and climate protection. Older students with enthusiasm painted the balloons and prepared posters promoting renewable energy sources.
During the classes school was visited by Marek Gabzdyl, Mayor of Raciechowice, who presented all the children with a booklet entitled “We protect the environment” which was issued by the Municipal Council.

Children participating in MIED showed great knowledge about environmental issues – let’s hope that in future they will use this knowledge in practice. 

Below you may find photos from the event and rewarded works prepared by  students from classes 1-3.