Municipal Councils of Bielawa and Dzierżoniów decided to organize the second edition of Municipal Intelligent Energy Days together. The event was organized in Dzierżoniów on 26th and 27th of September 2009. It gathered about 15 000 people and was a part of XV Dzierżoniów Business Presentations (Dzierżoniowskie Prezentacje Gospodarcze) which aim at supporting the development of local enterprise. Employees of both Municipal Councils had their stand at the fair where they answered questions such as: how to save energy, what are the advantages of energy efficient behaviors, how much electricity do PV cells make or how to best insulate a house.

To make the event more attractive organizers of the Municipal Intelligent Energy Days prepared communication tools such as leaflets and brochures informing about current sustainable energy projects, colorful posters saying what both cities have done to reduce their impact on the environment and decrease energy costs and requisites like energy efficient bulbs.