logo KR foundationThe aim of the project is to develop a dialogue with the banking sector in Poland and to try to direct funding from this sector towards investments related to the development of a low-carbon economy. The key action will therefore be to emphasize the economic, health and social benefits of investing in low-emission mitigation measures climate changing.

Coordinator: Foundation Rozwój TAK – Odkrywki Nie

Partners: Workshop for All Beings, Foundation # 13 Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Ecological Association EKO-UNIA, Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités"

Implementation period: January 2017 - February 2018

Budget: PLN 152 699

Financing institution: KR Foundation

Activities of the Association:

  1. Raising the knowledge of employees of the Association by participating in training for the consortium and meetings of organizations involved in conducting campaigns addressed to private and public financial institutions.
  2. Increasing the awareness of Association members and cooperating media in supporting low-carbon economy, especially taking into account the supra-regional aspect and gathering opinions on the possibilities of pressure / cooperation / expectations in the relationship between financing institutions and local governments.
  3. Organization of two seminars on relations self-government - low-carbon investments - financing institutions.
  4. Analysis of 100 plans (PGN, SEAP): Collection and analysis of data on planned measures to reduce energy use in municipalities based on Low-Emission Economy Plans (PGN) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), with a particular focus on actions focusing on moving away from coal. Awareness of how actions implemented locally affect together (nationwide) energy 
  5. savings / reduction of coal consumption.
  6. Participation in domestic and foreign meetings (with banks, shareholders, project partners).
  7. Project management.

Information prepared as part of the project "Coal as a toxic financial asset" financed by the KR Foundation. The sole responsibility for the content of this publication lies with its authors.