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The goal of the campaign co-financed from the resources of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk is to raise the awareness of Pomeranian children and youth in the field of counteracting climate change and to promote rational use of energy by implementing the innovative German  methodology "50/50" in Pomeranian schools.

The project is based on the experience of the EURONET 50/50 and EURONET 50/50 MAX projects implemented in 2009-2016 co-financed from the Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) program.

The methodology ,,50/50” engages building users in the energy management process and teaches their environmentally friendly behavior through specific actions. Thanks to this approach, children and young people understand that the actions of each of us have an impact on the state of the environment and together we can counteract climate change, including through rational energy management. The essence of the methodology ,,50/50"  is the introduction of a financial incentive to save energy for both schools and their governing bodies, i.e. municipalities, and the distribution of funds saved between the school and the municipality: 50% of the amount saved thanks to the methodology ,,50/50" will get to school, and the other 50% will be savings for local authorities who pay bills.

The beneficiaries of the task are 9 municipalities and 36 schools from the Pomeranian Voivodeship:

  • City of Gdynia (4 primary schools, 4 junior high schools);
  • City of Słupsk (5 primary schools, 3 junior high schools);
  • City of Sopot (1 elementary school, 1 junior high school);
  • City of Malbork (1 primary school);
  • Sztum Town and Municipality (2 primary schools, 2 junior high schools);
  • City of Rumia (1 elementary school and 1 junior high school);
  • Krokowa municipality (3 primary schools);
  • Kobylnica municipality (5 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools);
  • Ustka municipality (1 primary school).

Implementation period: 01.06.2016 - 31.05.2017.

Co-financing: Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk.

Eligible cost of the task: PLN 34,800.00

The amount of co-financing from the WFOŚiGW in Gdańsk: PLN 28,000.00

Form of financing: subsidy