Logo POL-NOR ENThe aim of the project is to establish and strengthen bilateral cooperation between Polish and Norwegian municipalities, covering the exchange of experience, knowledge, technologies and best practices in the area of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES) use in the municipal sector.

The project will last 16 months (from January 2016 till April 2017) and will be implemented in three phases:

  • Diagnostic phase (4 months) - analyzing current situation and best practices in the field of EE and RES use in Poland and Norway, as well as creating mechanisms facilitating efficient dialogue and exchange of experience between entities from both countries.
  • Open contest phase (5 months) - organisation of the open contest for best ideas for innovative energy projects prepared by Polish municipalities and inspired by Norwegian experience.
  • Implementation phase (7 months) - implementation of the 10 winning projects with the support of Norwegian partners.

Planned results:

  • establishment of the permanent Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Platform; 
  • implementation of 10 micro-projects in the field of EE and RES use proposed by Polish municipalities and selected for co-financing in the open contest (granted co-financing will be used to finance necessary analysis and documentation); 
  • establishment of bilateral cooperation between 10 Polish and 10 Norwegian municipalities (including signing of 10 memorandums of cooperation aiming at implementation of the above-mentioned micro-projects);
  • organisation of a series of events aiming at analyzing initial situation, promotion of best practices and dissemination of project results, including 3 EEG workshops, 2 bilateral conferences, 1 study visit and a number of webinars;
  • publication of a series of documents summarizing and disseminating results of the umbrella project, including the Diagnostic Report, the catalogue of best practices and the final publication.


16 months (January 2016 – April 2017)


Bilateral Cooperation Fund financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NMF) 2009-2014.

Project partners:

  • Association of Polish Cities (coordinator)
  • Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités" (Polish partner)
  • Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (Norwegian partner)

Project beneficiaries:

  • Polish and Norwegian local self-governments
  • organisations cooperating with local self-governments on the implementation of energy-related projects (research institutes, financial institutions, NGOs, private companies, etc.) 
  • local communities


Website: http://www.razemdlaklimatu.eu/en/


logo norway grands Project "Polish-Norwegian cooperation platform for climate and energy conservation" is funded under the PL04 Programme of the Bilateral Cooperation Fund, which is financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NMF) 2009-2014.