logo 50001The 50000&1 SEAPs project provides a coherent approach to integrating Energy Management Systems (EnMS) with Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) according to energy management standards such as ISO50001. It aims to help municipalities to develop a policy for more efficient use of energy, and fix targets and objectives to meet this policy while reducing the energy bill.

ISO 50001 and other energy management standards lay out how to establish, implement, maintain and improve an EnMS, allowing an organisation to achieve continual success in all areas of energy performance, including efficiency, security, and consumption. This ensures that sustainable approaches to local energy policy and planning are spread and strengthened further across Europe.

Project aims:

  • To create a coherent approach – the 50000&1 SEAPs methodology - for the integration of EnMS and SEAPs that can be replicated across EuropeTo develop, implement and monitor SEAPs according to ISO50001 and established energy management standards in 40 selected municipalities in eight countries.
  • To institutionalise sustainable energy policies and ensure the effective implementation of SEAPs during and after the project’s lifetime.
  • To make the results widely available and enlarge the number of trained Covenant of Mayors Supporters, Coordinators and municipalities implementing the 50001SEAPs approach.

Project duration: March 2014 – February 2017 (36 months)

Co-financing: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme


  • Local Authorities, with specific focus on Mediterranean Countries and New Member States
  • Covenant Coordinators and Covenant Supporters, local and Regional Energy Agencies and other technical structures that work with LAs in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors
  • Key actors involved at local level in the development, implementation and monitoring of EnMS+SEAPs in Local Authorities (utilities, financial institutions, NGOs, trade associations, etc.)
  • Actors directly involved in the certification process of the EnMS at local level according to ISO50001 (certification and accreditation bodies)

Website: www.50001seaps.eu

Project participants:

An experienced consortium of 13 partners from 9 UE countries:

  1. SOGESCA (Coordinator) - www.sogesca.it
  2. CRES - www.cres.gr
  3. PNEC - www.pnec.org.pl
  4. EKODOMA - www.ekodoma.lv
  5. ARM - www.arm-bg.net
  6. ECQ - www.ecq-bg.com
  7. AMET - www.amet.ro
  8. DENKSTATT - www.denkstatt.ro
  9. DEPUTACION OURENSE - www.depourense.es
  10. ALBEA - www.albea-transenergy.com
  11. AMORCE - www.amorce.asso.fr
  12. MT PARTENAIRES INGÉNIERIE - www.mt-partenaires.com
  13. ICLEI Europe - www.iclei-europe.org



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