The NET-COM project aims at empowering local authorities (at both political and administrative levels) to implement successfully their current (or future) Covenant engagements. Thus NET-COM directly supports the EU’s Energy and Climate Package targets. 

The project is carried out by a consortium of 12 partners from 12 different European countries.

In each country, National Covenant Clubs / Platforms will be created to ensure:

  • better communication and exchanges among local authorities (Covenant Signatories or not) which would improve their own capacities and effectiveness to achieve the Covenant goals;
  • better communication, exchanges and synergies between local authorities and key actors such as public institutions (ministries, national/regional agencies, regions, provinces, associations of local and regional authorities) and any other stakeholders (businesses, NGOs, associations, etc.) willing to support local authorities in their efforts to achieve the Covenant objectives.

Furthermore, the continuous capacity building of the European, national and regional networks of local authorities will be crucial for the coming years. NET-COM will set up a permanent cooperation among the networks in order to benchmark their experiences, practices, tools and working methods.




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