Schools in Mińsk Mazowiecki have started their activities as part of the project  Visions 2045 - Schools as drivers to Climate Neutrality in Cities. School Working Groups - consisting of teachers, students, administrative and technical employees from primary schools No. 1 and No. 5 - met on 7th of March 2023 with representatives of our Association and the City Hall to talk about plans and expectations. Implementation of the project by building awareness and implementing specific activities among the youngest, with the simultaneous involvement of adult stakeholders, will facilitate the pursuit of climate neutrality of the city, building an aware society and proper use of available resources.

visions2045 3

During the first meeting, the objectives of the project and the tasks to be undertaken during its implementation were presented. The most important element of the event was conducting a carbon footprint audit allowing for the collection of data needed to calculate the carbon footprint of the school building using a dedicated calculator prepared for this purpose by Greenpeace. The analysis of the collected data is planned and later expanding knowledge in the field of climate protection and implementing the school action plan for climate neutrality.


The aim of the project Visions2045 - Schools as drivers to Climate Neutrality in Cities is to accompany these institutions on their way to climate neutrality. Thanks to a holistic approach, it will be possible to turn schools into role models and initiators of the process of reducing the carbon footprint, and to involve them in the implementation of local climate and energy goals in cooperation with local government authorities. The project involves organizations and schools from Poland, Germany, Slovenia and Bulgaria, including 4 Polish educational institutions from Mińsk Mazowiecki and Zamość.