Environmental education, including adult education, plays an increasingly important role in shaping a sustainable society. On March 3, 2023, workshops dedicated to this topic were held in Krakow, with particular emphasis on the needs of young adults, i.e. people aged 29-39. The participants included representatives of cities, eco-advisors and organizations related to climate protection interested in the development of energy competences. The diversity of the group enabled a wide exchange of experience in acquiring and transferring thematic knowledge.

During the workshops, issues related to sustainable energy use were discussed in the context of education and increasing the competence of society in this area. The results of a survey conducted among young adults in Poland regarding their energy skills were presented. This research showed how small percentage of people is familiar with this subject, and also with other issues such as: national policies related to energy, the costs of production and use of energy resources. This showed the space for new activities that we will undertake through the implementation of the EL-Practice project, under which these workshops were organized.

The interactive table session (World Café) made it possible to analyse what knowledge is most needed for the everyday functioning of a household and the personal development of energy consumers. The developed solutions will help in the development of an interactive e-course, which will become a tool for shaping positive changes among young people related to the effective use of energy.

The main  aim of the EL-Practice project is to support young adults (aged 29-39) in expanding their knowledge, abilities and skills in the field of sustainable energy use and raising their awareness and competences, as well as increasing their self-confidence, leading to active involvement in creating sustainable society and shaping responsibility for one's life choices.

We would like to thank all those present for their presence, commitment, and in particular active participation in the workshop part!



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