We organized a study visit for Representatives of the Covenant of Mayors East, thanks to courtesy and commitment of the City of Cieszyn, on July 1, 2022. The meeting in Cieszyn was an opportunity for representatives of the eastern cities to exchange experiences and learn more about good practices implemented in that border town.

The first part of the meeting took place at the City Hall. The mayor of the city - Przemyslaw Major welcomed the guests and introduced the topic of shaping urban space, involving residents in initiatives and climate protection by presenting numerous investments implemented in the city. Then Alexander Dorda, Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, and Erik Stępień, Energy Efficiency Manager, focused on issues related to energy efficiency, sustainable transportation and the use of renewable energy sources in the city. Shared knowledge sparked an interesting debate among participants on adapting cities to change and investment financing investment.

During the second part of the meeting, the group, under the guidance of Stanislaw Kawecki, Secretary of the City of Cieszyn, went for walk to personally feel the atmosphere of the city. They could see important places for its functioning and receive a huge dose of knowledge on the history and development of the area.

The transferred knowledge and the efficient time broadened the perspectives of the participants. The whole event was very positive reception. On behalf of ourselves and the foreign participants, we thank the City of Cieszyn for its hospitality and excellent care!