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Bielsko-Biała has been protecting the climate and caring for the welfare of its inhabitants by implementing various measures for saving energy and environmental resources for many years. In the face of constantly rising energy prices and increasing energy demand in the city, solutions which allow to build energy-saving habits in a simple way and to implement positive changes are of particular importance.

Within the framework of the ENERGIA NA MIARĘ (en. TAILORED ENERGY MEASURES) program carried out by our Association in cooperation with the City Office in Bielsko-Biała, the inhabitants of apartments and houses in the city will be able to take part, free of charge, in a comprehensive advisory process concerning rational use of energy. During individual meetings with an energy advisor they will receive a set of personalized tips and recommendations to reduce energy consumption without financial outlays and an Energy Package - a set of devices facilitating the implementation of the proposed solutions (i.e. energy-saving light bulbs, aerators, heat insulating mats, etc.).

They will also be invited to take part in the annual energy-saving competition, in which the best household will be awarded. In fact, however, the reward for all participants will be the knowledge how to use simple and accessible means to consume less energy, protecting their home budget and not reducing the quality of life.

The program is addressed to the inhabitants of Bielsko-Biała who want to reduce their consumption of electricity and heat without limiting the comfort of life, as well as find simple and inexpensive solutions allowing for better use of energy.

Applications for participation in the program can be sent until March 14 this year by filling in the form by dropping the application from the leaflet into the dedicated mailbox at the City Hall (pl. Ratuszowy 6).

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