With great joy we announce that the long awaited, unique comic book “Climate change challenge” is now available in Polish.

Created by Portuguese artists Bruno Pinto, Quico Nogueira and Nuno Duarte, based on real stories showing consequences of climate change in countries participating in the project the book follows an incredible story of Sofia and her brother Gabriel, who travel across Europe. Sofia’s goal is to develop a board game about preventing climate change and adapting to its consequences. Seeking inspiration she, along with her brother, visits France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechia, Greece and Italy, where she witnesses the effects and increasingly dramatic consequences of climate change. The siblings can also see what’s been done in terms of completing the objectives of the Paris Agreement – a global plan, signed by over 190 countries, including the EU, that should protect us from a great threat posed by climate change by containing the global temperature rise below 2°C. Sofia and Gabriel can witness how authorities, local communities and climate change activists counteract the negative effects of climate change: preparing agriculture, forestry and urban development for it and reducing the share of fossil energy. All the ideas, experiences and solutions the siblings have collected, make it clear that climate change is far more complex and real than they thought, but that municipalities, local communities and climate actors can really make a big difference as long as they engage in pro-ecological activities together. Sofia realises that her game must be based not on competition but on cooperation, because the climate change is a challenge for all of us and only together we are able to tackle it.

strona z komiksuThis comic book not only serves educational purpose but also provides an emotional and interesting story that can draw young people’s attention and raise their awareness about environment conservation.

This unique publication was created during the 3 year cooperation within project BEACON,  financed by EUKI (The European Climate Initiative), connecting 7 of the EU member states to promote activities for climate protection and to facilitate experience exchange between governments, local authorities and schools.

Within the context of “Youth Strike for Climate”, it can be observed that young people are more and more aware and interested in the topic of ecology and environment - it's worth taking advantage of this trend. Enjoy your reading!  

English version of the comic book.