logo REBUSA cycle of three training courses "Energy saving in buildings - education and activation of building users" organized within the REBUS project financed from Interreg Europe program is already behind us. The events were organized in on-line format and were addressed to representatives of local administration who are interested in improving energy efficiency of public buildings by changing behavior of their users and active involvement in energy management processes.

The first training in the cycle, took place on November 30, 2020. It concerned the impact of users on energy consumption, as well as their role in the energy management process. During the presentation, participants also had the opportunity to learn about the system of incentives for energy savings, as well as broaden their knowledge about the impact of microclimate on the comfort of people in the building. The event provided the base of knowledge necessary for effective management of all media in buildings.

On January 12, 2021, the second training was held. This time the speakers' presentations were focused on energy saving in schools. Participants had a chance to learn about examples of good practices related to the involvement of students in the energy management process. Topics such as no- and low-cost energy saving measures possible to apply in school buildings, as well as building energy awareness and strengthening public participation of young inhabitants of towns and municipalities were also covered.

The last event from the cycle of trainings took place on March 30, 2021. It focused on solutions that can be implemented in public buildings, but this time other than school buildings. The participants had the opportunity not only to learn about the good practices of improving energy efficiency and using ICT technologies to activate building users, but also to listen to the experiences of invited speakers. Mr. Jerzy Tymczyszyn - Eco-advisor from Raciechowice municipality, told about his role and methods he uses to educate citizens. His speech definitely proved that in every city there is a need for a person to whom one can turn with all problems related to the replacement of heating systems, obtaining subsidies for this purpose, or receiving advice on energy efficiency. Another of the invited speakers was Mr. Stanisław Nowacki from the Niepołomice municipality. On the example of investments carried out there, he brought the participants closer to the issue of comprehensive thermomodernization realized not only through technical solutions, but also by raising energy and climate awareness of building users.

We are pleased that the topics of the trainings have attracted so many listeners. We hope that the knowledge gained during the events will be used in practice and will contribute to increased energy awareness of residents and users of buildings.

We encourage everyone interested in these topics to get familiar with the REBUS project, which general aim is to help local administrations in improving energy efficiency in public buildings by designing a so-called "energy renovation pathway for buildings" ("ŚREB") which includes planning, execution and monitoring of relevant renovation works in the municipality's buildings as well as raising the competence of people involved in this process. More about the project and its activities can be found on our website.

We would like to thank you for participating in the trainings and encourage you to refresh your knowledge using the presentations given during the events and the recordings which can be found here.