The ToT – Training of Trainers, organised as a part of the BEACON project, took place on 15-16 October 2020. Its aim was to transfer an innovative methodology and a set of tools that will be helpful for the participants when running vision workshops on their own in their cities in the future which will concern climate neutrality, as well as mitigating climate change, addressed to selected local activists’ groups. The participants of the workshops included stakeholders and municipalities’ representatives from Bielawa, Cieszyn, Jasło, Sztum and Zamość. The training was an occasion for the participants to familiarise themselves with the available methods on how to raise ecological awareness, which they could also test. Although the training was delivered online, all the exercises were performed very enthusiastically. Thanks to it, the participants had a chance to see how interesting and innovative the tool for raising climate change awareness can be, being an opportunity to exchange ideas, deepen knowledge and spend time in a fun way at the same time. The pictures below, taken during the workshop, are the best proof for active and engaged participation encouraged by these cutting-edge methods. If it is enough for the future trainers to like these exercises so much, then what results can be achieved by delivering the whole vision workshop programme! The set of materials given to the participants is available here.

Thank you very much to all for your participation and positive feedback. We are looking forward to the results from the future vision workshops!