During the International ECO-CITY 2020 Conference on 21st September this year, results of the 7th edition of the Eco-City competition were announced. The winning local governments were awarded in following categories: water management, energy efficiency, urban greenery, waste management and sustainable mobility. In each competition category two prizes were awarded – the first one for cities with less than 100,000 residents, and the other one for cities with more than 100,000 residents. Furthermore, special prizes and a distinction from Michał Kurtyka, the Minister of Climate were awarded.

In total, 59 cities from 14 voivodeships applied for the 7th edition of the contest. 90 applications were sent, of which over 60% by local governments with less than 100,000 residents. This year’s winners include two cities belonging to our Association, actively participating in the BEACON project, which are: Bydgoszcz and Zamość.

In the ‘energy efficiency’ category, Bydgoszcz won the prize for comprehensive activities in the field of energetic efficiency improvement, the use of renewable energy sources, as well as energy and water cost management systems. Aside from activities typical for the improvement, such as installing of renewable energy sources installations, the city distinguished itself by conducting investments related to the development and the promotion of energy-efficient construction and the management of the Renewable Energy Sources Demonstration Center, which plays a significant role in the pro-ecological education of the youth.

The city of Zamość was awarded for activities in the field of air quality protection and pro-ecological education of children and youth. The local government received a solar bench with LED illumination and a possibility of charging mobile devices, on which residents will be able to rest. The competition jury also appreciated  the projects undertaken by the city, related to the thermal modernization of educational buildings, the modernization of street lightning, the replacement of the municipal company’s bus stock for a low-emission one, or the construction of a free charging station for electric cars.

The ECO-CITY competition, initiated by the French Embassy in Poland, and organized by the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw and Teraz Środowisko online B2B magazine, aims to award the most environmentally committed Polish cities. Since the initiative has begun, over 100 cities from all over Poland have participated in the competition.


More information about the competition and the winners: