In 2017, in the city centre of Siemiatycze – at John Paul II Square, two unusual green stops were created. They are planted with flowers and have mini gardens on the roof.

The project entitled ‘The Living Bus Stops – modern ecological solutions in Siemiatycze’ was implemented with the financial support of the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Białystok (Wojewódzki Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej, WFOŚiGW) in Białystok in the amount of 60,000 Polish Zloty from March to June 2017.

During the construction of the bus shelters, greenery was combined with natural wood. Plants were selected to change with the seasons of the year. The bus stops are also equipped with boards presenting simple tips for residents regarding environmental protection in everyday life and with irrigation system, significantly simplifying the maintenance of greenery. It is worth adding that in the evenings the ‘living’ shelters, thanks to the LED lighting, look as attractive as during the day.

The bus stops have proved themselves  in various fields of exploitation: they are not only a unique, decorative element of public space, but also improved air quality by adding greenery to usually undeveloped roofs and walls. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that the ‘living’ stops have become a great place to relax while waiting for the bus, giving a lot of shade, so necessary especially on sunny, scorching days. The inhabitants of Siemiatycze happily use the green shelters, not only waiting for the bus, but also just for a moment of rest in  the pleasant surroundings of flowers, on a wooden bench under a green roof.

To fulfil their visual and ecological functions, green bus stops need regular care. Therefore, basic care treatments such as fertilization, irrigation and weeding are carried out there on a regular basis. If necessary, more advanced works are performed such as pruning, protection against the pests and diseases, filling losses in the substrate or replacing withered or sick plants with new ones.

For two years the ‘living bus stops’ covered with flowers and shrubs have been functioning successfully in public space. Gaining the approval of not only locals but also visitors, they have become a real showpiece of the city. This green investment became the expression of pro-ecological ambitions of the local government, strongly focused on environment, renewable energy sources and energy self-sufficiency, strengthening the image of Siemiatycze as a modern city, open to new technologies and pro-ecological solutions.

We encourage you to get inspired by the green bus stops in Siemiatycze and initiate a similar project in your town.

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