okladkaThe activities of cities and municipalities for sustainable development, energy transformation and climate protection are more and more advanced, local governments are eager to engage in ecological projects, wanting their cities to be perceived as environmentally friendly places. However, municipalities’ budgets have their limitations, and the level of expenses resulting from the tasks entrusted to them is increasing, therefore the implementation of many investments in energy efficiency improvement, air quality or renewable energy sources depends on possibilities of obtaining financial support or the use of new financing instruments and tools.

Our new publication created as part of the BEACON project – the handbook entitled ‘Climate protection despite budget constraints’ responds to these problems. You can find examples of successful activities carried out in Germany and Poland,  as well as answers to the questions how to verify local projects regarding climate protection in terms of their costs, how they can contribute to relieve the budget and how they can be implemented, even with small funds.

The  presentation of the handbook took place in Serock, during the seminar ‘Energetic transformation of cities and municipalities – mitigation and adaptation for climate changes’ on 30th June – 1st July 2020.

More information about the event: here.

The electronic version of the handbook can be downloaded free of charge: here.

We encourage you to download the handbook and use the knowledge contained in it!