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The EDI-Net (Energy Data Innovation Network) initiative analyses and communicates sub-hourly electricity, gas and water smart meter data to identify waste and savings opportunities, reduce consumption and save money. The initiative is aimed at public authorities’ decision makers, financial planners, energy and building managers and building users. An online forum and workshops facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices to support public authorities during the implementation of their sustainable energy and climate action plans.

Wanted: Municipalities serious about reducing energy and water use

EDI-Net is seeking cities and towns interested in improving the water and energy efficiency of their public buildings. By making use of smart metering to analyse and communicate electricity, gas and water data, local authorities can identify significant savings opportunities. These opportunities can lead to reductions in energy and water consumption by anywhere from 5 to 15%.

Leicester City Council (UK), City of Nuremburg (Germany) and the region of Catalunya (Spain), have just completed a trial of a new system developed within the framework of the EU-funded initiative and are ready to share their experience and expertise with 20 more local authorities interested in joining the initiative. These new pilot municipalities will not only be able to use the EDI-Net system free of charge, they will also get access to a special online forum, a customised dashboard, a helpdesk and free training workshops. To be eligible, local authorities must be able to provide sub-hourly energy consumption data – local decision makers, financial planners, energy and climate managers are invited to express their interest.

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