Platforma POL-NOR

All people interested in the subject of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources are invited and encouraged to exchange their thoughts, experience and ideas for actions through this interactive online forum of the Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Platform and to ask questions to the experts. You can participate in the dialogue both in Polish and in English. 

The Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Platform brings together Polish and Norwegian local authorities and their partners (research institutes, financial institutions, NGOs, private companies, etc.) aiming at efficient dialogue, cooperation and exchange of experience and knowledge of technology and best practices in the field of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. Participation in the Platform facilitates establishing new contacts and lasting relationships between participants from both countries, which will form the basis for joint initiatives in the future. 

The Platform was launched in the framework of the umbrella project entitled "Polish-Norwegian cooperation platform for climate and energy conservation" focused on establishing and strengthening bilateral cooperation between Polish and Norwegian local self-governments, which covers the exchange of experience, knowledge, technologies and best practices in the area of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES) use in the municipal sector (including municipal buildings and facilities).

More information on the project could be found on:

How to register on the Platform forum?

Just click on the red button "Polish-Norwegian collaboration platform" on and then select "Register" button in the top right corner. Once you accept the conditions for using the forum, you should enter a user name (suggested Name_Surname), e-mail address, choose a password, and confirm your registration by rewriting the provided code. After the registration is completed, you will receive the mail informing about the details of your account, and then (after a while) another one confirming its activation.

How to use the Platform forum?

In the forum you must log in with a user name and password, and then select the thematic category you are interested in (e.g. EE improvement, the use of RES, questions to experts). In each category, you can ask questions, share interesting information or create a new topic for discussion.

To do this, enter the title of a new topic and the text opening it (thread starter). You may add the comment to the existing discussions using "Post reply" button (on the left) while a new discussion in the forum can be started by selecting "New topic". Added comments, posts and new topics should be confirmed via "Submit" button (below the text box). Each forum user can submit messages in every thread and take part in every discussion he/she likes.

Registration and use of the forum should not cause any problems, but of course in case of any questions or concerns please contact our office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

You are very welcomed to join the forum of the Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Platform!