LOGO EURONET 50 50 MAXAll institutions interested in the topic of encouraging energy savings in schools and other public buildings are invited to take part in the final conference of the EURONET 50/50 MAX project, which will take place in Brussels (Belgium) on the 16th of March 2016. Our project has come to an end and we have many interesting things to share with those who would like to implement the 50/50 energy-saving concept in their own buildings or help us promote this innovative methodology among local authorities all over Europe.

The EURONET 50/50 MAX project aims at mobilizing energy savings in public buildings through the implementation of the 50/50 methodology in 500 schools and nearly 50 other public buildings from 13 EU countries. The 9-step methodology increases energy awareness of the building users and actively involves them in energy–saving actions. Achieved financial savings are shared equally between the building users and the local authority which covers the energy bills. More information about the project may be found at: http://www.euronet50-50max.eu

The 50/50 methodology is considered as one of the tools that the municipalities can use do achieve their climate & energy goals set up in Sustainable Energy Action Plans or other enegy-related programmes. It has proven to be successful in changing energy consumption habits of building users and raising new, energy aware and responsible generation.

During the event the participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about:

  • experiences and results of the EURONET 50/50 MAX project (over 500 schools and 50 other public buildings from 13 European countries striving to reduce their energy consumption by min. 8%); 
  • practical aspects of implementation of the 50/50 methodology from the perspective of the school, other public building and the municipality;
  • current European programmes supporting projects and initiatives aiming at energy education of building users;
  • role of low-cost EE measures in local sustainable energy strategies and action plans.

Apart from listening to the inspiring presentations, the participants will also have an opportunity to take part in the networking session with the representatives of schools, public institutions and local authorities participating in the EURONET 50/50 MAX project. Following topics will be discussed:

  • what are the most important benefits and challenges related to the implementation of the 50/50 concept? How to overcome the challenges?
  • how to involve different types of building users in the energy-saving actions?
  • how to ensure long-term change of behaviours (after the end of the project)?
  • what types of energy-saving measures can be implemented in different types of buildings? Is it possible to come up with a common energy saving path?

Draft agenda of the event, link to the registration form and contact details of the organisers may be found at: http://www.euronet50-50max.eu/en/what-s-new-in-the-project/206-invitation-to-the-euronet-50-50-max-final-conference-in-brussels