logo netcomWe are pleased to present you the Ambassadors of the Polish Covenant of Mayors Dialogue Platform, which was created within the framework of the NET-COM project implemented by our Association in the period 2011-2013.

The role of the Ambassadors is to promote climate protection and the Covenant of Mayors initiative, as well as to represent the CoM signatories in the country and abroad. Among the Ambassadors there are representatives of six cities and municipalities active in the field of sustainable energy, who are also members of our Association: Bielawa, Częstochowa, Dzierżoniów, Gniewino, Lubin and Raciechowice.

Ambassadors help to attract new signatories to the Covenant of Mayors using their own cooperation networks and their position in other organizations. They also help in maintaining the activity of the Platform and improving knowledge of its members by contributing to the meetings and events organized by different bodies and institutions.

You are very welcome to meet Ambassadors of the Polish Covenant of Mayors Dialogue Platform!

 Bielawa Czestochowa 
 Dzierzoniow  Gniewino
 Lubin  Raciechowice