Best „players” of the Polish RES League  – 18 municipalities – received awards on the 6th of October 2009 during 1st RES Forum entitled "Renewable energy sources and energy conservation in municipalities – theory and practice" which took place in Cracow.






On the podium stood winners of the solar and biomass league selected in 3 categories based on the number of inhabitants: „Small cities” (10 - 4 999 inhabitants), „Medium cities” (5 000 – 49 999 inhabitants) and „Large cities” (from 50 000 inhabitants).



Small cities category

1st prize – Myczkowce

2nd prize – Stanówko

3rd prize – Proszówki

1st prize – Frombork

2nd prize – Myczkowce

3rd prize – Kępice

Medium cities category

1st prize – Szczawnica

2nd prize – Poddębice

3rd prize – Praszka

1st prize – Nowa Dęba

2nd prize – Kisielice

3rd prize – Płońsk

Large cities category

1. miejsce - Ełk
2. miejsce – Nowy Sącz
3. miejsce – Łódź
1. miejsce - Ełk
2. miejsce – Częstochowa
3. miejsce – Bielsko-Biała


Congratulations to the Winners!

All awarded cities received diplomas and glass trophies. Moreover, winners of the 1st prize received an invitation to free-of-charge participation in study tour to Allendorf, main seat of the Viessmann company, where they will get acquainted inter alia with production of suspension boilers, floor standing oil and gas boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors,  electronic burners and controls.

On the 1st of September second season of the Polish RES Champions League was launched. That is why we would like to invite another cities and municipalities to submit their installations using solar and biomass energy!